Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Art World

Halloween events are usually organized to mark the celebration of death and rebirth life cycle.  It is celebrated in the evening of October 31st, the hours before the Christian feast of All Saint’s Day. The costumes to arrive in the Halloween parties are quite different from the usual party attire as people believe that it hides their true identity from evil spirits.

Halloween events are usually quite fun for all age people especially for kids. All party goers try to look a lot different from their friends, acquaintances and relatives. Thus, if you prefer to arrive in a Halloween party looking quite different from the other people, choose the costumes from the art world. There are even gothic costumes for Halloween available at leading online and retail stores all over the globe.

Art theme costumes aren’t new way to adorn yourself in the Halloween events as they have been part of costumes since early ages. Since the modern trend of clothing was recognizable by the people, forget the ethnic way of dressing for such entertaining events like Halloween parties.

Here are few ideas quite easy to adapt to look awesomely different in the Halloween event:

  • You can dress up in famous art characters like Mona Lisa or like a popular artist.
  • Wear art themed outfit like mix of all colors in one costume. The colors should match your personality and for more attractiveness you can wear colorful wigs.
  • Paint your face in gothic style of art or paint your eye region in a unique way to bring in more effect looking like a character of earlier ages.

Presently, Goth looks are becoming more famous as they give distinct look in the Halloween party. People don’t need to make grave efforts to look unique from others while dressed in gothic style.

What is gothic style?

It can be mixture of all kind of makeup styles like Punk, Victorian, Cyber and Industrial. Goths make up are easy to apply as most of the painted art done on face is of black color. The dress worn fits tightly to the body and are designed using darker appearing fabrics. It is because it creeps attractively into the character of the person and can be seen from faraway distance perfect to be matched with the Halloween costumes.

Dark eye shadows and well artistically designed eye line matches well with rock band T shirts and cowboy pants. The dark shade lipsticks match well with the dark eye shadows, portraying a perfect look perfect for the Halloween evening.

Even gothic style footwear contributes lot in appearing in unique way in Halloween parties. The high boots having chunky chains and clasp styles are perfect for any kind of weird dress worn for the Halloween evening.

If you are wearing gothic costumes for Halloween, you need to understand the right style that suits your body figure and skin tone. To look different you can even wear accessories of contrast colors of shade suiting well with black color of the attire.  You can dye your hair matching your artistically designed face to look radiant in the much awaited Halloween party.

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