How to Fix a Broken Water Line

A flooded basement or worse, a burst water line in an upstairs bathroom, is an emergency where you need to move quick.

Every homeowner, in fact, everyone in the house should know where the water main shut off is located, and know how to turn off the water. In most houses the water main shut off is in the basement, garage, or utility closet. In newer homes it’s a lever. In older homes it may be a metal knob. If a lever, the water will shut off if the lever is turned to the right so it is not in-line with the water line. A good way to remember this is if the lever is in-line with the water line there is water flowing. If positioned to the right the valve inside is shut off. If the old-styled metal knob, turn to the right until it cannot turn any more. Remember, “righty = tighty” and “lefty = loosey.”

For water line repair in Sacramento, CA, depending on the severity of the issue, you can call in a professional plumbing company or try and fix yourself. Here are the steps to follow if you plan to fix it yourself. For example’s sake, let’s assume there is a leak in the laundry room and a puddle of water on the floor.

Step 1 – For a slow drip or major blowout, turn off the water at the water main shutoff as described above as soon as humanly possible.

Step 2 – Find the source of the leak. This is the hard part. Let’s say the large puddle of water is coming from underneath the washing machine. You’ll need to pull the washing machine away from the wall so you can get a view of the problem. With the washing machine out of the way you see the wall is wet. Congrats. You’re close to finding the source.

Step 3 – Unfortunately, you’re going to need to cut into the wall and remove sheet rock, and then repair the wall later. With a studfinder, mark the center of the wall studs. Then with a utility knife and straight edge cut the sheet rock and remove a wet section. Hopefully you see the water lines. If not, grab a flashlight and look up into the wall. Do you see a wet pipe or a crack in the water line? If not, with someone else, have them call you on your cell phone and turn on the water at the water main shut off. Looking at the pipe, do you see water coming out? When you do, tell them to shut off the water.

Step 4 – If the water line is white PVC, this is an easy fix. You’ll need to cut out the damaged pipe. Then with couplings and plumbers glue attach a new pipe. If the water line is copper that needs to be soldered, best to call in a professional plumber for water line repair in Sacramento, CA. If the soldering is not done right, and you’ve repatched the wall, you’re going to have another leak.

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