Several Luxury Apartment Types That You Can Buy

Nowadays, you can find many different varieties of apartments available for living. Apartments as we all know is a set of rooms where a small family can easily live and use it as a residence.

There are several types of apartments which are classified by their features, size and utility. In the modern apartment complexes, you can find following varieties of apartments:

  1. Penthouse apartments

These are luxury type of apartments which are placed on building’s top most floor. These apartments will have the view of the landscape and skyline. Rooftop decks and balconies are special features of penthouse apartment.

      2 .Studio apartments

Such apartments are usually the fancy of artists. These are relatively smaller apartments which have bathroom, kitchen and bedroom all integrated well within a single room.

Popularly they are also known as “Efficiency Apartment” or “Bachelor Apartment”.

      3. Condominium

These apartments are owned by certain individual but different people will come together to live in the same house, called condominium or condo.

Usually, the owner will rent out the apartment among the set of people and in turn they will pay periodic amount of money as rent for their stay.

    4. High rise apartments

You can find these apartments largely in metropolitan cities because of crumpled type of homes particularly in the city’s central parts due to large population.

These high-rise apartments can be tall structures offering mostly 2, 3 or 4BHK apartments. Mostly they are found in the exterior locations of metropolitan cities having the latest type of structures.

    5. Low rise apartments

As compared to these high-rise flats, the structures of the low-rise apartments will be relatively smaller but will offer more privacy. Also, they are more negotiable as far as their rent or lease is concerned.

These apartments are more suitable for city’s central parts that are usually having very high land rates.

   6. Convertible apartment

A convertible apartment is usually a studio apartment that has design which is optimized for creating more rooms. All the walls which is used for creating can be flexible by nature which can offer great privacy and utility in such apartments.

     7. Loft

Any large room within the building which has been altered to residential space from a commercial one is called loft. As they have large spaces, so lofts are converted into a studio or 2 or 3BHK apartments.

    8.Garden apartments

These apartments have access to gardens and are found in backyard or front side or often within apartment based on the design. Usually in ground floor, such apartments usually have bigger windows.

     9. Duplex/triplex apartments

Apartments having 2-storeys and common entrance having private staircase for reaching the first floor are called duplex apartment and apartment with 3-storeys is called as triplex.

They are luxury apartments which offer added space to get more rooms by optimizing the design.

    10. Service apartments

Service apartments are popular as they offer both privacy and luxury. Usually they are booked for small time as such apartments are meant for travelers looking for short stay while visiting the city.

Their charges may vary by the season and reason.

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