Difference between Yeast Donuts and Cake Donuts – All You Need to Know

Donuts are very common pastries made from dough and deep fried. Traditionally, donuts come with a hole in the middle. In order to make donuts you need to have some basic equipment. A deep fryer is most suitable for amazing donuts. You can set the temperature as per your requirement. However, if it is not available you could use a deep and large pot.

Two-and-a-half-inch donut cutters are easily available online. In case you do not have one you can easily use a cookie cutter to prepare the main circle. Further, use a smaller one to cut a center hole. Besides this, a slotted spoon with long handle is important. You have to ensure that the handle is pretty long so that it is easy to place donuts in oil.

Typical ingredients to manufacture donuts

Ingredients used to manufacture them might vary depending on whether you want donuts to be chemically leavened or yeast. Homemade donuts have fewer ingredients as compared to the mass-produced ones. Chemically produced ones are prepared from eggs, milk, salt, liquids, baking powder, flour and many other flavorings. Baking powder is primarily used to leaven the dough.

Learn about the donut manufacturing process here

It is essential to understand the process of manufacturing doughnuts in a bakery. If you use yeast, it will take time to knead, rest and rise. This is the reason many bakeries like donuts Huntsville TX use dry prepackaged mix to prepare them. The ingredients are measured and then poured into a large mixing bowl one by one. Initially, flour is poured into the mixer followed by other wet ingredients. The dough mixers then complete the kneading process by stretching and pulling the dough so that the ingredients are homonized.

Once the dough is kneaded mechanically, it is important that the batter rests for at least 15 – 20 minutes. The yeast grows and converts food into carbon dioxide which results in yeast to rise. In case, the dough does not rise then you would have to discard the tough doughnuts batter and start with the process again.

Extruder forms individual doughnuts using pressure cutter technique. To begin with, you need to put a batch of dough into the top of this machine. It is then covered from the top and pressure is applied so that dough is forced into the tubes that put dough into desired shape including conventional rings.

Next step is to proof the doughnuts. A proofing box is directly attached to the extruder. A proofing box is the temperature-controlled box set which contains hot air inside it. The process of proofing will make doughnuts light and airy.

Now the raw doughnuts are made to fall into an attached open fryer. It is essential that neither few nor too many doughnuts are put into the fryer. At the end, doughnuts are transferred from the fryer into the shower of glaze to complete the process of glazing followed by drying.

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