Explore The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Memphis

Have you gone for a vacation recently? If you haven’t then you must definitely plan a vacation with your friends or family members to get rid of the accumulated stress. Most of the people now-a-days are more into earning money or pursuing career. Some of them are more concerned about their income. All these are stressors, which can affect you physically and mentally. It can also create relationship problems because you hardly spend time with your loved one or family. Hence, it is extremely important to go for a vacation with your loved ones.

You can plan for a trip to Memphis. It is a popular destination with plethora of attractive sites and music history. Here is a list of popular tourism attractions you need to explore, when you visit Memphis.

  • Graceland: This is one of the top tourism attractions in Memphis. Besides, it is located 14.5km away from downtown. This 17,552 sq ft mansion looks breathtakingly beautiful. This mansion includes 23 vary large rooms and it is mostly visited tourism spots in Memphis. Visitors will be allowed to see the different rooms in the mansion like living room, kitchen, pool room, etc. They are not allowed to see the 2nd floor as it is not permitted by the Presley family. This 2nd floor remains untouched since the day of Elvin’s death. Only Presley’s family members can visit this floor. You get a chance to see Elvin’s automobiles and aircrafts exhibited here.


  • National Civil Rights Museum: This museum is world-side famous and it attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world every year.  This museum was built during 1987 and opened its doors for the public in the year 1991. You can learn about the struggles involved during the national civil rights movement here. History aficionado spend hours in getting familiar with the historical details associated with the movement.
  • Memphis Zoo: From kids to elders everybody loves to visit this zoo. Besides, it is one of the biggest zoo in the world. You can find more than 3500 animals living in the park. What not giant pandas, tigers, hippopotamus, monkeys, Nile crocodiles and etc. The zoo landscape looks really amazing with water fountains running everywhere and the lush green trees. The best part of this zoo is its cleanliness. Spend some time with your kids here and have lots of fun. You will definitely fall in love with the cute little pandas.
  • The Cotton Museum: You can learn about the history of cotton industry by visiting this museum. You can also learn about cotton trading from this museum.
  • Memphis Botanic Garden: The botanic garden looks really beautiful with greenery everywhere. You can find so many varieties of flowers and plants around the garden. The kids play area in this garden looks really attractive. You will obviously find this garden a blessing from nature. This garden looks really peaceful. Play some games with your kids here and get refreshed.

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