How Can You have Memorable Funeral at Cheaper Cost?

Nobody will like to make a detailed plan about funeral, as such situation may come totally unwarranted and as a result often people end up spending thousands of dollars for no reason.

Therefore, in this post we are providing few tips so that you can reduce your expenses of funeral cost.

  1. Shop around

You must call different funeral homes in order to know the expenses needed to get funeral done as per your tradition and custom. This will help you to compare all the facilities provided along with the price.

  1. Choose direct burial

Usually, direct burial is considered to be the cheapest options for burial where the dead body will be buried as soon as death occurs. If your tradition allows direct burial then you may choose it.

  1. Simplify your casket

All the in-charge of burial homes will offer you many different options of burial and deciding about casket. Remember that the sales person will try to push their available caskets for sale but you must choose which is simpler for you.

  1. Choose your cremation

Often cremation option can be much cheaper as compared to burial and the preference among Americans is also nowadays growing for cremation as during the year 2016, 50.2% people were cremated in the USA.

  1. Provide urn of your own

Usually, cremation ashes are provided to you by the funeral homes and they are supplied within a plastic box for which they may charge you quite a high cost. You may bring your own nice box instead and avoid this unnecessary purchase.

  1. Prefer to have green burial

Green or natural burial are much cheaper then using any toxic chemicals and steel made caskets which are not biodegradable. Nowadays the trend for green burial option is also increasing.

  1. Hold your funeral at home

There are number of activities involved in case of home burial that you can perform as per your own tradition and culture. This can not only save your money but also at the same time everything will remain in your own control.

  1. Can have funeral at church too

Many people also perform last rites of the deceased in the church, mosque or in temple as per their religion, which can be an inexpensive option. The priest or pastor usually provides the service free but it is obligatory on part of you to pay them.

  1. Know about veteran benefits

There are few veteran benefits provided by the US government and you must be aware about them and also know about the eligibility rules to avail them.

  1. Check for social security help

There are certain amounts paid by the social security too for the surviving children or spouse of the deceased, who will meet certain criteria. It is important to be aware about them when death occurs in the family.

  1. You may also donate the body to science

There is another smart option available, which is donating the body for scientific research, which will need absolutely no funeral cost.

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