How to Get A Credit Card Processing System for Airlines?

There is no credit card processor who doesn’t want a good airline. In case of airlines, it makes it challenging to find a strategic partner firm for the processing of credit card. It can also be hard for an established airline agency to locate a credit card processor. To find the right merchant service provider firm, it is required to be armed up with adequate knowledge to negotiate effectively. You need to have a series of goals prior to beginning the process.

Learn about the associated risks

Though airline accounts are extremely rewarding in terms of credit card processing, it is important to consider all the risks that make it tremendous. One should understand as well as acknowledge such risks to negotiate effectively and get good rates, and negligible or little security reserve.

Exploring such risks to your credit card processor will definitely assist in gaining a good understanding of all the concerns that a credit card payment processor can have. This will assist in forming a better negotiation strategy. is the leading merchant service provider firms for various types of business domain. They provide specialized and trusted payment processing systems for airline companies.

About future delivery

Future delivery is the time of buying a product to the time when the credit cardholder gets that product. Future delivery risk implies benefits related to consumer protection that MasterCard and Visa holders provide to its cardholders.

Cardholders are assured to receive what has been paid for using these cards. If a cardholder fails to get what they are paid for, then they can get their money back too. It is the basic consumer protection advantages offered to credit cardholders.

How future delivery is important for an airline business?

In those cases, the cardholder can talk to the bank that has issued the card to them. They can raise a dispute, and also the card issuing bank can issue a charge against that merchant to get back the money of the cardholder.

The timeframe of future delivery in case of airline reservations is near about 60 days. Sometimes it depends on the customer type that you cater to. The credit card processor can have processed a significant amount of money for flights that haven’t t yet delivered to its customers.

In big airline systems, it can result in a lot of wastage of money for airlines that haven’t been provided to customers. This is seen as a “future delivery” risk for airline systems.

Another thing that you need to know that both Mastercard and visa have got liquidity thresholds in them that needs acquiring banks and credit card processors to maintain sufficient amount of funds in it.

A payment processor has to maintain a specific amount of asset or cash for the different types of transactions that are processed by them. This is done in cases of disputes and chargebacks, if merchant can’t return the money back to the credit cardholder, then payment processor will be accountable for it.


The process to establish a merchant service account for your airline begins by developing a strong case and then presenting your business in a good light. All the above information will help you find the right merchant service provider firm for airline business.

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