Improve your Motor Skills and Create Wonderful Memories Through Escape Room Game

Do you still spend your birthday with friends in restaurant or a shopping mall? If you’re going on date, is it again the same amusement park or garden? Well, try something new and adventurous that will keep you busy all day no just by enjoying, but also by remembering every moment and laughing out loud together. We are talking about the Escape Room Game which has recently gained a lot of attention among youngsters.

In Orlando, Lockbusters created five themes of escape room which allows a group of 8 people in a row. There isn’t any age limit, but the interior is well organized and themes are scary, that kids under 13 years of age might find it inconvenient. Some game owners simply provide time to play this game, but Lockbusters also give out prizes to winners. A 60 minute of riddle solving and clue finding game in Orlando has attracted attention. To book time slot you can go to

Escape room is not just for fun, but it also helps a person to learn many things –

  • With age, your memory starts deteriorating, but when you play this game, it helps in retaining memory skills. While playing this game you have to remember symbols, clues, languages and codes, this increases your memory capacity if you practice it frequently.
  • It is a game of team where you interact and try to solve puzzles together. When you are immersed in the game, you by default start talking to each other, which helps in becoming extrovert and improving speech.
  • After entering the room, you get irate with so many puzzles as it makes your life difficult. Once winning the game, gives you immense satisfaction and happiness, along with learning tips of patience, teamwork, creativity etc.
  • It is not just a game, but it also helps in building a team. A lot many things are similar to office work where team effort is required, hence while playing this game you understand the significance of team work which is later used in offices and school projects as well.
  • Since you have limited time to solve problems, therefore it gives you an opportunity to act smartly and inculcate problem solving skill.

Escape room game isn’t only for kids or families, but it can also be a part of office outings. Thus, the game teaches patience, helps in building strong bond among employees and also provides a chance for subordinates to interact with their seniors at one level. There will be many themes in one game room. You can choose one that suits your friends as well. Within a set time period you require to find clues and solve riddles to find an object that allows you to pass from the room freely.

It is very thrilling and exciting to play this game as it leaves a wonderful memory behind. After reaching home, you somehow realize that even after hours you’ve been discussing the riddles with your partners. It barely costs you money to play this game. However, it helps you in learning a lot many things that helps in future.

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