Warning Signs Indicating to Go Shopping for Heat Pump Replacement

When it is very cold, the heat pump makes your life comfortable but how will you know that your current system needs replacement. If it has been not performing well lately, then it is a sign to get it repaired or replaced. Heat pumps don’t last forever. Like other appliances, a well-maintained system will serve you for many years than expected. Heat pump replacement will depend on –

  • The climate you reside in
  • The brand
  • How regular it is used?
  • How often it gets maintained?

A well-maintained appliance of a specific age can experience issues. Below are some signs that indicate you need a technician to repair it or start shopping for a new heat pump to replace.

Inconsistent with the temperature settings

In old heat pumps, the air level is blown at regular intervals but is not according to the temperature settings. You can experience cool air at times on warm settings. It means the refrigerant level needs a boost.

Cool air blowing in a warm setting indicates grave issues like a damaged compressor. The heat pump has to supply consistent air temperature at chosen settings but during inconsistencies check the valves, filters, coils, and condensation drains. Be prepared to replace the unit!

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Airflow has reduced

When there is no or little air blowing out from the vent, then it is a sign that the compressor is struggling. If the thermostat is programmed at a reasonable temperature but still your home feels cold, then the unit is not performing well. Check the filters but it is an indication to shop for a new heat pump.

Strange noises

Heat pump system operates silently and you are aware of the little noises made during the cycles. Therefore when you hear strange or different sounds, then it is time to call the professionals. Change in the little sounds indicates there is a need for repairs.

Maybe the fan is not working properly or there is a loosened part or internal mechanism that has got clogged. The noise can be in the form of grinding, screeching, ticking, buzzing, grating or rattling. It is a grave issue that shouts unit replacement.

Unusual odors

If your unit gives out a bad smell, then it means you need to address the issue right away. Bad smell means the insulation of the heat pump has got damaged or there is mold in the ductwork. Mold or mildew within the unit blows contaminated air, which can cause health problems. Never ignore bad smell!

A dramatic increase in energy bills

Your unit seems to function normally but your energy bills seem to have dramatically increased. If it is sudden, then consider an ‘energy audit’. It will help to uncover the main culprit. If it is your heat pump, then find out why it is overworking. Clean the vents, replace filters and check condensing coils. Even consider its working life because this may be the reason for it working sluggishly.

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