What Should You Consider Between Metal Caskets and Wood Caskets?

Use of coffin or casket has been the oldest traditions followed during funeral service.  As part of the funeral, casket can be a way of personalizing funeral service and also creating memorable tribute for the loved one.

Casket selection process will be a very personal decision, while it is an important element for arranging a funeral.

The casket will not only serve as the focal point of your funeral service by working as vessel for deceased, it may also reflect the personality of deceased and also specific taste.

Therefore, it will be important to take some time to select your most appropriate casket. You may start by learning its different features, styles, colors and price points about caskets that are available.

There are number of differences between caskets that include material, style, cost and design. Traditionally, caskets are categorized into 2 basic material types:

  • Wood
  • Metal.

Metal caskets

You can construct metal casket from basic steel of many different gauge thicknesses. Besides that, copper, gold, bronze, stainless steel or any other preferred metal that can offer beauty and elegance.

Usually, these metal caskets are referred to as “protective,” “gasketed,” or “sealer” caskets that can have thick rubber gasket and surrounding the complete lid that creates sealed enclosure, making it little difficult for any outside elements to penetrate the interiors.

The price of any metal caskets will depend on the thickness and type of the metal, their production method and also the style used for the casket. Most economical type of metal caskets is usually made from any standard steel, also called as carbon steel.

They may however be able to be as resistant or durable to corrosion like stainless steel, but standard steel still is stronger and durable option.

Wood caskets

People who appreciate and also cherish the natural wood qualities because of its beauty, personality and warmth and for those preferring more natural kind of solutions, for them wood caskets can make really an excellent choice.

There are number of suppliers of caskets in the USA who can offer numerous varieties of wooden caskets in variety of species, which will include mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pine and pecan.

Each of these wood caskets will be fully lined with really beautiful hand-crafted interiors like velvet and crepe.

You can get wood caskets in a variety of finishes, which can range from very highly polished gloss or natural satin-finish that is accentuating all the wood grains.

Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut are considered as some of the exclusive wood casket which are most elegantly crafted caskets.

You can get caskets crafted from few well-known companies, which have great hardness and strength.  Oak is famous for its highly graining pattern, that makes it favorite of all families.

There can also be other finish, polishes and colors to select from the wood casket group, and also your funeral director can help you at every step when you make your selection.

These wood caskets have very dignified look which emphasizes about the workmanship used while making them.  Their prices may vary based on the type of wood chosen, type of its finish and also interior material.

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