Why Every Room of Your House Deserves A Chandelier?

Chandeliers are an extremely eye-catching addition to any home. They can be the perfect center of attraction that will leave all your guests in awe. Well, now since it is such a glamorous item to add, why do we restrict placing it only in the obvious rooms – like dining areas?

The idea of placing a chandelier in almost every room of the house might seem ridiculous, but be rest assured it is not. There are so many designs and styles available in chandeliers these days, that adding it will enhance the beauty of any and every room. After all, they are basically designed with an intention to enlighten and brighten a room, irrespective of what room it is.

Here, we have discussed why every room of your house deserves a chandelier. So, be ready as your traditional concept of only having dining room chandeliers is about to change.

Why placing chandelier everywhere makes sense?

Entry way: What better place to surprise your guests than the entry way? By adding a large-scale light fixture right in the middle of the entry way you will not only amaze your guests, but also lighten up and transform the area completely. Besides, you cannot add many decoration items in this area, so why not make the most out of that tall ceiling by hanging a beautiful chandelier there.

Living room: Your living room is the place where you will be gathering family and friends, and will be making some great memories. This is a reason enough to add a beautiful chandelier in this beautiful room. Moreover, most people put extra efforts and money in decorating their living room, as it is sort of the heart of a residence. Well, if you are too putting in extra money in decorating this room, don’t you think it deserves a striking light fixture too?

Kitchen: You not only cook your daily meals in the kitchen, but create magic on stove. So, add a playful touch to your kitchen by adding a modern and sculptural chandelier. This will simply make the room more pleasant and lively for cooking.

Bedroom: Nothing will shout ‘master bedroom’ better than an absolutely fabulous chandelier. If you have high ceiling, checkout the oversized and tiered style chandeliers. Besides, chandeliers nowadays even come with multiple lighting options, and thus can help you make your room more intimate.

Bathroom: Yes, last but not the least, your bathroom deserves beautiful lighting fixtures too. No one will think that your bathroom can be luxurious too, so why not prove them wrong? High class hotels pay a lot of attention on their bathroom décor and light fixtures, and now it’s time that you do the same. Transform your regular bathroom into an exclusive one by just hanging a noticeably beautiful lighting fixture in it.

Well, are you visualizing your entire house enlightened by beautiful light fixtures right now? Surely you are. So, don’t wait any longer. Checkout the collection of mind-blowing light fixtures at sofary.com and transform your home into a bright and luxurious one today.

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