Keratin Treatment Can Transform Your Hair into Cascading Silky Waterfall

Few people are fortunate to have beautiful hair and make the unfortunate ones jealous. The beauty industry has also made amazing developments. The keratin treatment is a revolutionary hair procedure that was introduced with a successful bang. Its success rate is huge and its loyal fans are increasing.

What is keratin?

It is one of the key proteins naturally present in your hair, nails, and skin. Keratin is a basic building block and even offers external protection to your hair. Exposure to factors like pollution, sun, chemicals, and lifestyle changes can impact the keratin level. The depletion of keratin leads to dull, dry, and damaged hair.

How does keratin treatment work?

Keratin smooth’s the cells that overlay to form hair strands. The cell layers called ‘Hair cuticle’ absorb the keratin theoretically. This results in full and glossy hair. People who used this treatment reveal that now their hair is smooth and easy to manage. However, the results differ a lot. It depends on your –

  • Hair thickness
  • Hair health
  • Keratin treatment type is chosen

Keratin claims to transform very curly hair straight in appearance, less frizzy and easy to style.

Keratin treatment types

Keratin shampoos, conditioners, and serums

These products claim to repair the hair that is damaged due to heat or dye and even strengthen them in the process. The active component in the shampoos, conditioners, and serums is keratin. You can buy keratin products online from All the products contain a proprietary delivery system called Kerabond Technology, which has revealed promising results and reviews.

Keratin supplements

It is accessible at a health food store in the form of capsules and powders. As keratin is a type of protein an overdose can cause a buildup protein within your body. Therefore, it is wise to consult your physician before you use keratin supplement.

Salon keratin treatments

It is time-intensive because several steps are involved.

  1. A cream that has formaldehyde is applied to your hair.
  2. It is blown dry before straightening.
  3. You will be instructed to keep hair dry for some days.
  4. In the other session, the professional at the salon will wash the chemicals.
  5. Other treatment gets applied to establish the straightening effect, which claims to last for three months.

What to expect from keratin treatment?

The silky-smooth hair results of keratin treatment fade in a few months. Unlike the re-bonding/straightening process, a keratin treatment neither flattens the hair volume nor will make roots grow in frizzy. It acts as a strong deep conditioner.

Results differ as someone with very curly hair can end up with mildly straight ringlets. It is essentially rebuilding damaged hair, so expect less frizzy, shiny, and manageable hair post-treatment.

What are the side effects or possible risks?

The salon keratin treatment makes use of formaldehyde in large amounts. Inhaling the fumes can irritate the eyes, respiratory issues, and nosebleeds. Therefore, those already struggling with asthma or are sensitive to formaldehyde need to avoid the treatment. Even pregnant women must avoid keratin treatment. Make sure to visit a trained hairdresser for keratin treatment!

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