Learn About The Working And Maintenance Of Car Brakes

Vehicle owners are seen to pay all the attention to the engines and ignoring brakes completely. Brakes are an equally important component of a vehicle. They are very much required to ensure safety on the roads.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, they get covered in dust. To keep your brakes in the best state, this article will tell you all about the brakes and ways to keep it operational.

Function of brakes

Most people believe that brakes can stop the car. This is not true. In fact, the friction between the tires against the road is what causes the vehicle to slow down and ultimately halt the car. The brakes help in stopping the wheels of your car from turning.

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Components of Disc brakes


A disc brake is made using various components. The first one is a rotor connected to the wheel. It is a plate that is enfolded by the brake pads inside a caliper.

Brake pad

It has two layers, a high-friction material, and a metal backing plate. A brake pad serves as a medium for the friction material. A backing plate prevents excessive buildup of heat in the brake caliper.


The brake caliper covers around discs that contain tiny pistons that thrust the brake pad towards the disc. The hydraulic function of brake fluid is responsible for the thrust. A brake caliper comprises two or more than two pistons that create an even distribution of pressure along the brake disc.

Most brake systems come with power assistance that increases the action of the foot on the pedal, thereby lowering the braking effort.

Things to consider keeping brakes in the best condition

Save brakes from heat

Heat is the prime culprit of a good braking system. With the pressing of a brake pad against the brake disc, it generates a lot of heat. To prevent the brakes from getting exposed to heat, the disc is efficiently ventilated with internal vanes. This keeps the brake cooler and less susceptible to “fading.”

Fading happens due to the overuse and overheating of the brakes. Fading causes loss of braking capability. The distances needed to stop the vehicle increase dramatically.  You will notice a burning smell emitting from the brakes. In some cases, it is also possible for the brakes to catch fire too. The only thing that can be done is to enable the brakes to cool down.

Change your fluid

Brake fluid has a tendency to attract moisture. This is not good for the health of brakes due to these reasons:

  • Moisture reduces the boiling point of the fluid that makes it convenient for it to boil under substantial braking.
  • Moisture is also responsible for corroding the metal parts present inside the braking system. This ultimately leads to failure.

Luckily, the solution to treat this problem is easy. Brake fluid needs to be altered in accordance with the service interval as recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Most people do not think about fresh brake fluid, but it can provide dramatic impact on the overall braking performance.


So, these are some of the things that you must take care of your vehicle’s brakes. Attending to them at periodic intervals will keep in best running state for several years.

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