Types of Treatment for Road and Pavement

If you take up any road construction projects, then you must remember that they usually are quite a complex process, which will typically demand lots of money, resources and time.

It is very important to choose the best possible team to do this project to ensure that your time and money will be used efficiently and also the end result will surely be long-lasting as well as of high quality.

As far as selection of road construction contractor is concerned, there are a number of key characteristics which separate great companies from others.

Depending on the condition of the road or pavement, there can be different treatments that we can use for road construction & resurfacing.

Road renewal

In case, the surface or the other layers of road have deteriorated so much then it really needs immediate replacement. The present layers will be removed and new surface will be laid.

This will be most expensive treatment which will normally last for minimum 15 – 20 years before preservation treatment will be needed.


There are various companies who will recycle existing surface and mix it by using bitumen and then put back on road.

After that it is left for setting and then further surface treatment will be done to provide permanent road surface, then seal it from the water and protect all the road structure is completed.

Road preservation

This will be cheaper as compared to resurfacing and will seal existing surface for extending its life. Also, there are two different kinds of treatments for road preservation available.

  1. Surface dressing

Generally, surface dressing is used on the busy urban or rural roads. It will protect from water as well as air damage, provide more grip and lasts for 10 years.

We will first fix potholes and faults then coat all the road by using stone chips. Driving vehicles on road will help these to set, and then sweep the site for removing excess stones.

In few places, a product called Lock Chip is used which is a coating for sealing new surface.

This will be the most cost-effective preservation treatment.

2. Micro surfacing

Generally, such type of treatment will be used on the urban roads which can last up to ten years. First the major faults and other potholes are fixed then spread pre-mixed asphalt dressing all across the road.

Pavement renewal and the preservation

  1. Pavement renewal

Almost similar to any road renewal, this pavement renewal is also done when the surface as well as other pavement layers are replaced or which have significantly worsened. The new surface will be laid and existing layers will be removed.

2. Pavement preservation

This kind of treatment can also be used on the pavements that are having minor defects like cracking. In the beginning all the major faults are fixed by using jet wash and also spray weeds in all the area.

After that, cold pre-mixed dressing of asphalt will be put on. This will be the most cost-effective as well as least disruptive option.

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