Few Reasons of Leaky Faucets That Needs to Be Addressed

For any home, it is essential to use different kinds of faucets so that you can keep the condition of the house clean. However, in case you have leaky faucet then not only you will end up losing thousands of litres of water but also pay huge amount of water bill.

Besides that, leaky faucet can also disturb your peace of mind, create corrosion and mineral deposits on various parts and may create plenty of plumbing related problems.

Most of the leaky faucet problems can be addressed by homeowners too if they have got necessary tools and a bit of technical mind.

Also, one can hire the services of plumber Western Sydney to resolve various plumbing related problems which also includes repairing of leaky faucet.

Let us now try to understand what are the various reasons due to which such leaky faucet problems may get developed.

1. Problems developed in ‘O’ ring

If you open any faucet then you will notice a stem screw which is used for holding the faucet handle in its proper place. Stem screw will include a small sized disc that is attached to it, which is known as ‘O’ ring.

This ‘O’ ring is positioned in one of the integral places where water dripping can always occur. Over a period of time due to regular use, this ‘O’ ring may always tend to become loose or worn out, and as a result, faucet may drip near its handle.

Only replacement of this damaged ‘O’ ring can fix the problem if this problem is noticed. This kind of problem will occur specifically in the cartridge faucets

2. Corroded valve seat

In this compression mechanism, a valve seat will serve as connection between spout and the faucet. Due to accumulation of sediments of water, it may cause your valve seat to get corroded, which may also cause leakage all around spout area.

Therefore, ensure that you must regularly clean your valve seat by taking help of any professional plumber of your area.

3. Worn out washer

Worn out washer is one the very common reason why faucet dripping may take place in most of the household. After every use of the faucet, the washer will be forced against valve seat, and because of this constant friction can cause it wearing out.

Due to this reason, dripping will be noticed all around the spout. If the dripping is caused by any worn-out rubber washers then it can be repaired by just replacing the washer.

You can often find such type of leak in compression faucet.

4. Wrong installation of washer

Also, if the washer was not installed in a proper manner or right size of washer was not used during the time of installation then too it will cause leaky faucet.

Therefore, it is necessary that during the time of installation of these faucets, services of any well experienced and professional plumber must be hired so that he can do proper justice to all the fittings of washer etc.

This can prevent the leaking of the faucet for considerable duration of time.

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