Requirements for Student Transfer to Georgetown University

Georgetown University selects transfer students that will profit a lot from high-quality academic offerings. Every year approximately 2,000 transfer applications get evaluated and 20% of students coming from a 4-year institution and community colleges get admission. GU is committed to a holistic admission process.

The admission committee is composed of deans, faculty, current transfer students, and the admission officers, who review the transfer files. For considering transfer admission, a cumulative B+ or higher is recommended.

GU makes effort in financially supporting the eligible applicants offering a program that includes student loans, student employment, scholarships, and grants.

Transfer credit policy

Georgetown transfer credit policy includes the following.

  • Minimum Grade earned has to be one level above the minimum passing level that is ‘C’.
  • Max transferable credit is half of the total needed for the degree i.e. 60 credits. Transfer students have to get enrolled as full-time and spend minimum 4-full semesters in residence to earn their degree. Study abroad programs and summer sessions will not get considered in meeting the residency needs.

What are the transfer application requirements?

  • The acceptance GPA rate for transfer students is 3.7.
  • Official high school and college transcript/s including all tasks done through the winter quarter or current fall semester has to be submitted.
  • SAT or ACT scores need to be submitted. If the transfer applicant has been away from high school for 5+ years, the ACT/SAT prerequisite is waived.
  • Recommendation letters from existing college major department professor and dean are preferred.
  • Submit a completed personal data and admission form.
  • Transfer an application fee of $65 [non-refundable]

At the start of fall every year, the transfer application is available. Collect all the necessary application material and submit it before the deadline that is March 1st every year. By June 1st, applicants will be notified about admission decisions and until June 15th confirmation reply will be sent to all the admitted transfer students.

Overview and fun facts about Georgetown University

GU was a private institution founded in 1789 and is situated overseeing the Potomac River, which is very close. The students of Georgetown University are called ‘Hoyas’ because, in the early days, the students had to learn Latin and Greek. The sports team was called, ‘The Stonewalls’, so students used to shout ‘Hoya Saxa’ a mixture of Greek and Latin meaning ‘What Rocks’, which is still a popular cheer!

Bradley Cooper and Bill Clinton are the alumni of Georgetown University. Every year Georgetown hails brilliant speakers ranging from world-renowned actor Kevin Spacey to the US president Barack Obama. ‘The Corp’ is the only non-profit across the world that is run entirely by Georgetown students.

Sargent Stubby was a renowned war dog brought to Georgetown University. The bulldog became the Hoyas football teams’ first mascot. After his death in 1926, Stubby was stuffed and some decades later given to Smithsonian, where everyone can see him.

After Stubby, the team bought a bull terrier and named it Hoya, who gave birth to a female puppy and was named Saxa. In 1962, the new bulldog named ‘Jack’ was bought but refused to respond to the name Hoya. Since then there have been 8 official mascot bulldogs and the current one is the 7th named “Jack’. In 2019, the current new bulldog puppy was bought.

What an interesting university!

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