Brief Guide to Illuminate Your Stairway in Style Using Chandeliers

The stairway of a home has endless decorative possibilities. There are numerous ways to light a stairway. Chandeliers are perfect to give your stairway a cosmetic lift and no they aren’t reserved for only mansions. They are available in various sizes and their sparkling beauty can instantly transform the ambience of any room and light up your mood.

Choosing a chandelier for staircase:

There is a plethora of chandelier options available which makes the selection process all the more difficult. This guise will help you narrow down your search:

Shape of staircase:

There are straight, curved and spiral staircases. Traditional and spiral chandeliers work well for illuminating stairway. Spiral chandeliers are growing in popularity and apt if you are aiming for a contemporary style. If you want a spiral crystal chandelier for your home, visit the website of ‘Sofary’.

They are a top pick for lighting solutions due to its high quality and diverse designs. Check out their spiral raindrop crystal chandelier for a sophisticated look and luxury solar system spiral raindrop chandelier to eliminate the monotony of your staircase.

What do you want from the chandelier?

The different chandeliers available serve different purposes. Ask yourself for what purpose you are installing a chandelier.

  • Do you want it to be a centre piece? Some want to install chandeliers solely for the purpose of aesthetic appeal and they want it to be focal point of attraction. A layered enormous chandelier draws immediate attention.
  • Do you want a subtle one? Some people don’t want their staircase chandelier to draw all the attention. They can select something smaller that goes well with the décor.
  • Would the chandelier be the primary source of lighting? Choose a chandelier with more focused light and more bulbs. Tired chandeliers and spiral ones offer layered lighting.

Define your style:

Chandeliers are versatile and can be used to create an urban, classic, rustic, contemporary style etc. Choose a chandelier with geometrical shapes for an industrial style, rustic chandeliers for cottage-style homes, tiered ones made of glass/ crystals for a classic look and chandeliers with a satin nickel or chrome finish for modern homes.

Look at the stairway from different angles:

Guests will see your stairway chandelier from various angles. Move around the area (under the stairway, near the front door, through a nearby window) and visualize on how you want it to appear.

Things to consider before purchasing a chandelier:

  • Dimensions of the room: The dimensions of your room dictate the size of chandelier. A large one will overpower the space while a small one goes unnoticed. Add your room’s length and width in feet. The diameter of the chosen chandelier should be around the resulting value. There should be at least 8 feet distance between the floor and chandelier.
  • Ceiling loading capacity: Ensure the chandelier that would be supported by your ceiling. If you are choosing a heavy and enormous one, double check with your home contractor.
  • Ease of access: You’ll be required to clean it and replace the bulbs once in a while. Choose something that is easy to manage.

Install a staircase chandelier and add a dash of glamour and extravagance to your home. Chandeliers never go out of style.

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