What Is Ketamine And How Does It Cause Addiction

When we think about addiction there are a few common things that come to our minds are alcohol, nicotine, and a few other drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. Nevertheless, have you ever heard of ketamine?

The ketamine is commonly called K, vitamin K or the special K. This is a compound used in medical practice. It is used for its anesthetic properties in the medical practice and it is very strong and potent. This drug is abused for its hallucinogenic properties.

About ketamine 

This drug is also called the date rape drug. The reason for this name is that on the administration of this drug, one loses his complete sense of his or her body. The users completely feel detached from their bodies.

The different forms in which it is available for conception are liquid, pills and white powder. But this drug usually is highly unpredictable and it is very difficult for its users to determine the right dose.

How do ketamine works and ketamine addiction 

Ketamine is usually an anesthetic and hallucinogenic drug. It tranquilizes our body and it relaxes it. It makes its users have out of the body experiences. The effect of the drug lasts for about one hour or so.

It causes numbness and may occasionally cause auditory and visual disturbances in its users. The numbness or the reduced sense of touch can often cause some kind of accidents.

Sometimes ketamine causes addiction in its users. The more the dose one consumes, the addiction will be heavier. Some symptoms of ketamine addiction are

  • Delusion and dementia
  • Depression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure that takes a long time to lower
  • Agitation
  • Reduced learning and thinking capabilities
  • Changed color and sound perception

Sometimes, chronic cases have dependency problems and they need the drug for their normal functionality. It affects their clear thinking and memory power and retention. It may even cause depression.

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Ketamine overdose

It is very easy to get an overdose of this drug due to two reasons. One is that it is highly powerful and can cause an overdose even with the slightest amount that is consumed in excess. The other is that the users will not be able to judge the correct dose while consuming.

Overcoming the ketamine addiction 

Overcoming ketamine addiction is not an easy task. But it is still possible with a lot of determination and support from family. If both the couples are suffering from ketamine addiction, then you should take them for couples rehab therapies.

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