Which Will Be Right for You Between Dental Bridge and Dental Implant?

If you are in dilemma between choosing dental bridge or dental implant for you then read this write up, where the pros and cons of both the options are mentioned.

This comparison between dental implant versus bridges will help you to take better informed decision.


People who have lost their teeth either due to any injury, disease or any other reasons then dental implants can be a good option for them. It is titanium post which will support a crown that will be surgically inserted into your jawbone.

The dental crown is either screwed or cemented into your gumline.

Pros of dental implant

      1. Little maintenance

Dental implant can be permanent and usually are of very high quality. Very little maintenance will be needed as compared to any other option.

      2. Natural looking

It will be really difficult for anyone to know whether your teeth are natural or implanted and you will be able to use it confidently like any natural teeth.

      3. Protect your jawbone

Due to open space in the mouth where there was once a missing tooth can put your jawbone at little risk. With dental implants, it will stimulate and also preserve natural bone-growth, which helps to prevent any bone loss.

      4. No strain on your teeth

It will offer no strain to your other teeth.

Cons of dental implant

      1. Surgery

Due to little complicated process, this procedure will need surgery, which can always have certain risks like infection, damage of nerve, jaw fracture and many more.

      2. Time

The procedure cannot be completed within single sitting but the entire procedure may take as long as 3 to 4 months.

      3. Cost

Cost can always be high for dental implant and depending upon your present worst condition, it may also increase.


In order to bridge the gap between the missing teeth, dental bridges are often used. Bridge will be supported by natural teeth or the implants on its either side.

Usually, it will be made up of 2 or more number of crowns for your teeth on either part of the gap.

Pros of dental bridge

      1. Simple procedure

Dental bridge is on the other hand a much simpler process where no painful surgery is needed. It is a much simpler procedure where your teeth are fixed.

      2. Faster

It will be much faster procedure as compared to dental implants and can be completed within a week.

      3. Affordable

As far as the cost of this procedure is concerned, it will be much more affordable as compared to dental implants.

Cons of dental bridge

      1. Less pleasing aesthetically

Dental bridges are not so much natural looking like implants, and hence they may not be aesthetically pleasing.

      2. Period replacement

It is necessary to replace bridges on periodic basis and after every 5 to 7 years, you have to again visit a dentist for the procedure.

      3. Damage your natural teeth

It may be necessary to remove adjacent teeth and a lot of preparation is needed to adjust the tooth structure.

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