Why Should you Prefer to Vape Rather than Smoke?

People have been smoking herbs from long back even before the birth of Christ and smoking has a very rich history to recount. You can find the trace of smoking in many different cultures of the world. 

The smoking process of dry herbs will be heating up of dry herb to 1000ᵒ F, that can easily be achieved with any kind of lighter or household match. The high-temperature will result in dry herb combustion and then its resulting smoke can be inhaled.

Vaping, is also not too new things, as people have vaped many years back too.  Vapor generally is created with indirect heat, that is called conduction. 

By using dry herb vaporizers, you can heat dry herb to specific temperature to heat active ingredient to turn into vapor. Here the dry material will not be burnt into ash.

Following are few reasons why you should prefer to vape rather than smoke.

    1 .You will inhale vapor not smoke

Here you will be vaping useful things instead of smoking which contains lots of harmful and toxic chemicals that can harm our health. 

    2. Cleaner and better taste

By vaping you can get the best taste of the weeds while smoking usually ends up destroying the actual taste of the herbs.

    3. Less waste

Smoking will kill off all active ingredient and wastes lot of herbs while vaporizing will stretch out as much amount of hits that you may take from single bowl.

    4. Easier on our body

Comparatively vaping can be much easier on our body and we can experience this almost instantly after you use it.

    5. Better for your throat and lungs 

Vapor produced will be lot cooler than smoke produced by cigar or cigarette and hence after every vaping session, your throat will feel easier than smoking.

    6. Discreet

Vaporizers usually are super discreet in their design to avoid smell though there will be still a bit of smell in your vapor, but will be much less as compared to smoking.

    7. Convenience

As far as convenient factor is concerned, vaporizer is more convenient where you simply use it, after that put it in the pocket but same cannot be done with a pipe.

    8. More control

Vapor can give you much more control over dry herbs, as you are able to dose better and also can choose the amount of vapor you want.

    9. Easier to Dose

Thanks to availability of electronic vape devices that can accurately heat dry herb within specific temperature range and makes it much easier for people who wants its medicinal effects.

    10. Less expensive

A vaporizer may cost around $25 and may go as high as $700 for very high-end model and on average much more inexpensive in comparison to water pipe.

    11. Herbs last longer

When you are not burning herbs then it can last longer at 1000°F and after you finish vaping, they are not charred but remains semi-brown. 

    12. Micro-dosing

This micro-dosing is new idea and people are implementing, which also works really well while taking medical marijuana.

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