Consider the Tips to Perform U turn of Your Vehicle Rightly

Many times, while driving we need to take U turn.  It is turning your car fully in U shape or turn the vehicle in 180 degree in the street or road that goes in the opposite direction. In simple words, when a driver does U turn, they want to go in the same direction from where they have been coming or need to drive on opposite direction.

U turn needs to be performed in a single step unlike three-point turn.

Now, as a novice driver it isn’t easy to perform the U turn as it needs little bit of practise. That is the reason in well reputed driving classes like Pass First Go where the new drivers practise such turns many times under the guidance of skilled instructors. You can join driving lessons Keilor Downs to learn all the safe ways to drive on roads without any stress. Once you have the on-road practise sessions of driving, you won’t be afraid to take U turns wherever it is essential to do.

Here are the right ways to adapt to take U turn while driving:

  • You firstly need to check your mirrors before indicating that you are moving left. It is advisable to drive close to the kerb as preferable.
  • Again, check your mirrors for few seconds before you indicate right. This gesture helps in knowing whether any pedestrian or vehicle is arriving from behind your vehicle.
  • While slowly pulling out the vehicle while turning right, do go on noting if anyone is arriving on both sides of the road.
  • You can turn slowly and smoothly your vehicle to the other side of the road when everything is clear.
  • Wait few more seconds to know if there is any obstacle in the lane or street where you want to drive your vehicle and even know if there is any vehicle behind you interested in passing your vehicle.

Driving slow and lot of turning practice is the whole mantra to make U turn of the vehicle smoothly. You can anytime practice doing it in lesser busy road so that you are confident on busier roads.

The precautions or rules that need to be considered before making a U turn:

  • You can’t do U turn anywhere as per your preference. There would be sign boards on road where the particular turn is allowed or not.
  • You can’t take the turn when the traffic signal of opposite lane is green even if yours may be red.
  • When the visibility is low like on dark nights when there is no street lights or in rainy days, the need to be extra careful is mandatory to be safe.
  • You can’t make the turn while on inclined roads, narrower lanes, a curve road or on freeways like in highway where the signal to turn isn’t there.

It is always advisable to do the U turn in lesser traffic road that is straight not inclined or curved. You need to be skilled driver to do such complicated turns, thus it is best to do with well-trained instructor beside you while practicing U turns.

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