Different Ways To Promote Your Music Online

The Internet has provided you with unlimited possibilities to promote your music online. Social media is an excellent platform to promote your songs, grow audience, broaden fan base, and earn streaming royalties.

MusicDigi is an outstanding platform to sell music online. It provides you with multiple services that lead to the distribution of your music on every major digital platform across the countries worldwide. It is cost-effective and user friendly. It ensures you 100% ownership of your music.

How to promote music online?

  • Use social media effectively

Social media must be an important part of your strategy to promote your music online and get discovered. Nowadays, we all use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. You can create business accounts on these platforms and make your viewers know about your upcoming music albums and unreleased songs.

  • Create a personal blog and other digital outlets

You should create a blog where you can engage more with people and tell them about your experiences and new projects. They will get to know about your hard work and time it took to make a perfect song. Post the links on the blog that will direct users on your website created for selling music. Your efforts will be a direct reflection of your seriousness, interest, and dedication towards your work.

  • Feature your music on your website

You should create a custom website to sell your music. Provide proper guidelines about how users can purchase your services. The Digital mode of marketing will deny the physical effort of customers to buy a product. Make it impressive and provide genuine information. Try to make the prices affordable.

You can provide discount codes to your customers to make them come back for more. Stay updated with the marketing techniques of your competitors, and you can try to learn from them.

  • Building your digital presence

A variety of online platforms like YouTube, Instagram is available for you where you can provide a lot of information and give a description of your work. Do not forget to add links to each social media platform to promote your music to the next level and make your audience aware of your upcoming projects.


Try to engage more with your fans, venues, and other brands, it benefits you by giving you a significant online presence. Try to boosts your posts and advertisements about the promotion of your music.

  • Promotion on iTunes

You can upload music on iTunes and sell it with the help of digital distributors. You can even provide backlinks to your iTunes store on blogs and other platforms. This will enhance your page rank and aid search engines to show your page in search results. You should take all the possible steps to provide maximum exposure to your work. This will lead to an increase in your income.


Social media is the best way to promote your music and get discovered. Independent artists avail the various advantages of these online platforms when it comes to not only promoting and selling their music but also growing fan base and earning royalties.

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