Tips To Overcome Fears And Pass The Driving Test Successfully With One Attempt

Learning how to drive is not easy for all. While some learn it quickly, a few may take weeks and months to get the skills right. What’s important here is that you attend driving lessons at a reputed school or hire a good instructor.

You’ll need a licensed driving instructor to confidently sit behind the wheel and drive. They will also prepare you to pass your test in the first attempt. A good driving instructor will help you fight your fears and train you accordingly.

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Here is the list of 28 tips to complete your driving test successfully.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to get Your License
  2. Be familiar with the area where the test will be conducted and practice mock driving tests
  3. Never choose the rush hours
  4. Concentrate on your test instead of failing in it
  5. Know how much time is needed to take the test
  6. Learn driving in all weather conditions
  7. Go through the rules and laws of driving, once before your test
  8. Have a lesson from the expert right before the test
  9. Talk to your instructor before the test
  10. Use the instructor car as you might be familiar with it
  11. Don’t consume alcohol and have a sound sleep the day before taking the test
  12. Take help from your friend or instructor to bring you back home after the test
  13. Present all the mandatory documents
  14. Get ready with a suitable car from your instructor
  15. Put in your best while taking the test
  16. Relax yourself to improve your performance
  17. Make sure you have gone through all the policies and procedures of taking test with an instructor.
  18. Keep the seatbelt on. Adjust mirrors and seats to keep you in right position
  19. Use your indicator at the right time for at least 5 seconds, and then drive off
  20. While changing lanes always, check the blind spots and mirrors. Particularly, when turning towards left side of the roads. Also, observe traffic lights to have a clear road
  21. Always stop at the stop sign. Do not just slow down and keep rolling
  22. Maintain a safe distance with other vehicles in traffic
  23. Don’t hesitate to take right turns at traffic lights and avoid getting into trouble
  24. Do not forget to check mirrors while driving
  25. Ask your test examiner to explain instructions twice
  26. Don’t assume that you have failed by committing a few mistakes
  27. Also, do not assume that you’ll pass the test even if you make a few mistakes
  28. Pay attention to the feedback and comments made at the end of your driving test

All the above mentioned tips will ensure that you pass your driving test in 1st attempt.

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