CBD Oil Keeps Cats Calm During Anxiety and Stress Disorder

Cats are a delicate animal that gets overexcited and shocked very easily. Pets are the most favorite companion of those who have one. It is easy to train a dog, but it takes a lot of effort to train a cat. Often when you go to a vet clinic or pet shop, you’ll find endless options for dogs, but minimal things are available for acts and other pets. It is therefore imperative that you choose any product for our feline with caution.

Cats are prone to phobias and panic. They either get frightened and freeze or react by jumping, scratching, or escaping. When this fear or phobia triggers frequently, it turns into an anxiety disorder. Often it is seen that this kind of disorder turns the feline either too aggressive or too lethargic. This phobia can be related to action like traveling or leaving alone at vet or home, the loud noise of vacuum cleaner or mixer grinder, etc. the abnormal behavior of your cat during certain instances will indicate their sufferance of stress and anxiety.

There are various ways of treating these mental troubles. The best way of treating pets are accompanying them as much as possible. It gives them a sense of security. Another best way is to get them under medication prescribed by a veterinarian. However, the natural way of overcoming stress and anxiety and keeping cats calm is by using CBD oil.

Pet CBD Company provides the best quality CBD oil for cats. It is founded by two marketing professionals who love animals and care for them. They provide the best CBD oil for horses, dogs, and cats as well as treats for dogs. Their online site has a wide range of products and all information about pet’s health, wellness, nutrition, and diet.

CBD, which is also known as cannabinoid is one out of 113 components found in the hemp plant. CBD is still not legally approved in many countries because of the THC content in it. THC leaves a psychoactive effect on an individual. However, the purest form of cannabidiol is the CBD full-spectrum oil. It doesn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC in it. Your cat can enjoy relief without getting high.

CBD oil helps the cats to stay calm. It is used not to treat any ailment but to avoid the anxiousness when the event triggers. For example, giving your cat a dose of CBD before road travel or leaving alone at a new place. Every cat has a different physical appearance. Therefore if 0.5mg of the dosage is effective on your friend’s cat doesn’t mean it will show the same results on your cat.

All animals have endocannabinoid like humans. It is responsible to regulate body functions like sleep, mood, pain, appetite, and immunity. It is made up of cannabinoid receptors, which are neurons in your brains. When this receptor is triggered it activates or triggers the endocannabinoid, which results in panic and anxiety. CBD helps in stimulating these receptors. Therefore, when cats take CBD oil, they become calm and relaxed.

Hence, cats get the same benefits that humans get from CBD-

  • It helps in decreasing pain in cats and dogs, which can be due to arthritis, pancreatitis, asthma, neuropathy pain, nerve-related pain, intestinal inflammation, etc. When the neuron gets inactivated, the signals of pain are not generated. It means your cat gets tremendous relief.
  • Anxiety and depression are also caused by hormonal imbalance, this further affects our sleep, mood, and appetite. CBD helps in balancing the effect by keeping the mind calm.
  • It helps in reducing the chances of seizure and epilepsy in cats. It will not cure the problem, but suppress it, which is far better than those medicines which leave side effects.
  • It helps in reducing pain in humans due to cancer and the after-effects of chemotherapy. A study conducted on mice showed a reduction of cancerous cells. So, it is assumed that CBD helps in reducing cancerous cells in cats as well.
  • Humans are also using CBD beauty products that reduce acne and rejuvenate skin. Similarly, in cats, it increases their overall health by improving their skin and furry coat by making it softer and shinier.

If your cat suffers from any kind of anxiety and you know the reason, then always make sure to give them a few drops of CBD oil 20-30 minutes before the event triggers. It is a natural product which is better than any medicine, but always consults a veterinarian before giving your feline any dose.

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