Pipe Relining an Efficient Solution to Fix a Leaky Pipe

The only way to fix a broken pipe especially in areas that are hard to reach was to dig it up and replace it entirely. This is not the case nowadays. With the newest of technologies, breakage or blockage can be easily treated with pipe relining. It not just makes for an easy procedure, but is also less expensive and effective at the same time.

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Advantages pipe relining has over pipe replacement procedure

The traditional replacement procedure required long hours of excavation to reach the location of leakage and then completely replacing the pipeline entirely. However, pipe relining is a procedure that clears the blockage and fixes any breakage using a material which is lined all across the pipe’s surface area that increases the strength of the pipe.

Some of the benefits this new age technology has over the traditional replacement technique are:

  1. It is quick and effective:
  • It is a fast solution that can provide quick repairs of leaks and blockages.
  • It skips long hours and days of digging to reach the location where the leak is occurring.
  • If the damage has occurred to a commercial pipeline; replacement can take days before you can continue with routine work.
  • This is not the case with relining as your employees can resume work in a matter of some hours.
  1. It is effective and enhances the durability of the existing pipeline:
  • Since the lining material forms a strong coat inside the existing pipe it is almost like inserting a new pipe inside the old one.
  • The lining material is way stronger than a routine PVC pipe, thus providing extended life to the old pipe itself.
  • Relined pipelines can retain strength for as long as 50 years if small leaks are immediately taken care of.
  • It is very effective in treating breakage and is not a temporary solution. It in fact also makes the pipeline resistant to corrosion.
  1. It is cheaper than traditional replacement technology:
  • Since the procedure is simple enough to carry, it does not require many trained hands and equipments to carry out the work.
  • This reduces the overall labour and material cost.
  • The procedure does not require extensive digging; thus also reducing the cost of post-replacement repairs of the area that has been damaged during the procedure.

The only situations where pipe relining will not be able to provide an efficient solution to the drainage problems you are facing are:

  • When the pipe is facing an issue with sagging.
  • When the leakage is due to improperly aligned pipelines.

Also, you might replacing pipes when they are superficial and do not require any major excavation.

Make the right decision by carefully studying the drainage problem you are facing and the urgency with which a solution is required. You must also choose a reliable service provider who has experience in correcting the most complex of the water supply system as well.

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