Soy Candles and Their Health Benefits – Some for You 

Soy candles are made with wood wicks and these wood wicks offer longer life to the candles. The soy wax candles are made with naturally available dyes, and hence they will not leave out any toxic substance to the environment when burnt.

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Benefits of Burning Soy Wax Candles 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing soy wax candles over other candle types made of synthetically made wax.

  • Soy wax candles, when burned, will not add any toxic substance to the environment, as they are made with 100% naturally available supplements.
  • They are made with renewable sources, unlike paraffin wax candles. The soy wax, beeswax, and bayberry wax are available in abundance and will never get depleted, even after continuous usage. Unlike beeswax, soy wax is quite cheaper, but not as much as the synthetically made waxes.
  • When burnt, these candles will not cause any mess and will produce as minimal soot as possible. However, the aroma that is left behind by burning soy candles will stay for some more hours, even after you stop the burning of the candle.
  • They can burn for longer hours, as soy melts very slowly when compared with paraffin. The natural ingredients in these candles will not pollute their surrounding environment like the other candles that are made of synthetically prepared wax.
  • They are 100% phthalate-free, and hence will not leave behind any dangerous smoke or cause any negative health effects on elders or children at home.
  • The best choice for setting a relaxing mood in any room, when lit. Hence, they are normally preferred as ornamental fixtures.
  • Be it alone time or you are planning to have a romantic or friendly dinner, these candles can help you set the right mood for any occasion.
  • When burnt, these will not release any toxic substance into the environment.
  • No dangers that are associated with burning a paraffin wax candle can be expected from soy wax candles. Even if you accidentally spill them on any furniture, wall, or any other such area, you can easily clean the spill with the help of some hot water or with the help of dishwasher liquid.
  • Soy wax can be blended with the other naturally available waxes to come up with the best blend. Hence, the candlemakers come up with many such unique and health-friendly blends before they make candles.
  • Soybeans are sustainable and are also easily biodegradable, as they are naturally available products. Hence, soy wax is vegan and also 100% health-friendly.
  • Even if you accidentally burn these candles for more than 4 hours, you will not end up adding any unwanted chemicals to the surroundings.

If you are planning to boycott the usage of candles because of many health issues that are associated with them, then you need not worry as soy wax-based candles will not cause any damage like paraffin candles.

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