Use Social Distancing Doormats to Remind People About COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

We don’t usually take doormats very seriously. It’s not something we pay attention to when buying them. No matter if it’s a warehouse, hotel, office building or home, the doormat is placed outside to keep it clean. The doormat’s primary purpose is to remove dirt and grime from shoes before anyone enters the building.

COVID-19 won’t make us suffer forever. COVID-19 will not make our lives impossible. Things are moving in the right direction after the vaccinations have begun. The crowds can be seen outside pharmacies and grocery stores, parks, restaurants and pubs. While life is still at risk, many people feel more secure after staying in their homes for more than one year.

As a business, it is important to remind people about the importance of hygiene and social distancing in order to avoid any further disasters. You can make sure that your entrance mats have safety markings and social distancing prints. This will allow staff to not have to remind those who aren’t watching.

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Social Distancing Mats for Different Places


Since lockdown has been lifted, life is returning to normal. People are running into departmental shops and queuing outside vegetable, fruit, and grocery stores. Social distancing mats can be placed at the entrance to remind people about last year’s catastrophe. Place mats between the shelves. The impact of social distancing mats on customers is impressive.

Inside Buildings

Although large offices, hospitals, clinics, or condominiums may have a social distancing mat at the entrance, many people forget about protocols as they go further. A social distancing rug can be placed at specific points to remind people of the COVID-19 protocol, such as the waiting area, reception area and gallery, elevators, waiting areas, restrooms, and other public spaces. While stickers can wear due to dirt and footwear, doormats are easily cleaned and replaced. These mats can also be customized with slogans, such as “sanitize your hands and wash your hands” or “wear a mask and maintain 6 feet distance”.

Employees in Workplace

Employees are eager to go back to work every day. They are eager to meet everyone and sit in the cafeteria gossiping about their bosses. But they must also follow safety protocols. You can remind them of social distancing by placing mats along their passage. Their lives are still at risk.

You can find a variety of social distancing carpets. Anti-skid mats can be used for the slippery surfaces of grocery shops and malls. A normal cotton or jute mat can be used for office carpet. Custom logo door mats can be customized to suit the floor’s dimensions and colors. You want your employees and customers to look at the mats. Choose eye-catching colors.

Although people will soon return to their normal lives, they are also getting vaccinated. This is a reminder that we can still enjoy our lives by practicing good hygiene. Business owners will not need stickers or mats if we follow our safety guidelines.

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