Day: December 13, 2023

How to Use the Domino Effect in Your Writing

Domino’s is a pizza restaurant chain that also sells appetizers, pasta, desserts and beverages. They have over 27,000 stores worldwide and are one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Domino’s has built a reputation for excellent customer service, which is reflected in their slogan “Domino’s: Think Globally – Act Locally.” They believe that their employees are their biggest asset and they strive to make sure every employee is happy.

When you play domino, the objective is to build a line of dominoes from one end to the other with all of the exposed ends matching. Then, if you tap the first domino ever-so-slightly, all of the other pieces will fall in a rhythmic cascade. This is known as the “domino effect.” You can use the domino effect in your writing, too, especially when it comes to plotting your novel.

One of the best ways to use the domino effect in your writing is to create a scene. A scene is a single event in your story that sets the stage for what will happen next. When you write a scene, think of it like a domino, and each scene should build on the previous one. This helps to keep your reader engaged and it will also help to keep the action moving.

Another way to use the domino effect in your writing, especially in fiction, is to introduce an insignificant character and then see what happens as a result of their actions. For example, you could introduce a character who accidentally knocks over an important statue. This will then lead to other characters becoming involved in the drama and it will cause a domino effect. This is a good technique to use in your novel because it will keep the reader engaged and it will also help to develop character.

A common use of the domino effect is in medical settings. When a patient gets an infection in the hospital, they may then pass that infection on to other patients. This is known as a nosocomial infection and it can be dangerous. It is important for healthcare professionals to be aware of this and be vigilant about infection control.

Domino’s CEO, David Brandon, created the Domino’s Values when he was the company’s president. One of the values is “Champion the Voice of the Customer.” This means that the company listens to its customers and takes their feedback seriously. Brandon started by implementing changes such as a relaxed dress code and new leadership training programs. He also made an effort to speak directly to Domino’s workers to find out what they needed.

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